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Enterprise Information Management

A NEOS Whitepaper

NEOS conducted an independent research study surveying a total of 17 Financial Service and Insurance companies. The Research was based on NEOS’s Data Management Maturity Model or NEOS DM3. This paper presents a method for evaluating the maturity of an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) program. The focus of “maturity”, in this case, is on the management aspects of EIM, and not on the technology capabilities of an organization. The research addresses the most important aspect of management; the processes and people needed to do the job.

In this report you will learn:

  • How the NEOS DM3 is used to measure the operational effectiveness of an EIM initiative, and not necessarily the technology, or implementation specifics, of an EIM organization’s performance
  • What are the key drivers for maturity level scores and Data Management impacts
  • The importance of management metrics and the value of open and clear communication
  • How perception impacts EIM funding, architecture direction and staffing

Download this paper for valuable research based acumen on the Enterprise Information Management-Maturity Evaluation.

Enterprise Information Management

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