Optimizing the Business-Technology Evolution

Project Success Blog Series 

Many companies struggle to identify best practices and tips for achieving project success. View the highlighted NEOS blog series that depict proprietary approaches and tips, based on industry research and expertise, for driving key initiatives to completion.

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Panelists discussed the impact that technology and system knowledge can have on successful DoL implementation. They provided best practices to access existing technology,  IT trends they foresee in the near future and the steps insurers should take to overcome system challenges and reach the middle market customers better.

Unlocking your business value

Insurers will gain business value NEOS

NEOS is a management consulting and technology services firm specializing in financial services, insurance, and information media industries. Our employees come from these industries; they understand the problem space allowing them to provide practical solutions that unlock our client’s business value potential.

Can you name your problem?

Our quick Symptom Analyzer will walk you through a few questions to determine exactly where your most painful business challenges are. You will get a holistic appraisal of your business and your challenges, along with an approach to a cure for each area. Start on your way to perfect organizational health, today.

NEOS Announces Premium Affiliate Membership with LOMA

NEOS is now a Premium Affiliate member of LOMAWe are recognized as a thought-leader within the insurance industry and a recommended resource for LOMA members. LOMA, and by extension, its members, can expect to benefit from this affiliate membership by gaining access to NEOS’s insights and viewpoint of the industry.

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