Optimizing the Business-Technology Evolution

Unlock Your Business Value

Insurers will gain business value NEOS

We approach all projects with a combined business, data and technology perspective to determine exactly where your performance gaps are. We then apply strategic, holistic and innovative solutions that are grounded in practicality to close those gaps and generate value.


We have decades of experience under our belt in the insurance industry, and we will apply it to your unique challenges to help your organization perform at its peak.

Financial Services

We have the insider perspective necessary to understand the trends that are changing the Financial Services industry and ensure that you are ready to make the most of them.

Information Media & Other Industries

Our comprehensive, expert business solutions have unlocked value and honed efficiency for other industries as well. Read about our work and see how we can help with your particular business speedbumps, today.

Upcoming events

Our quick Symptom Analyzer will walk you through a few questions to determine exactly where your most painful business challenges are. The assessment will give your organization a check-up from technology, to product, process to data.

You will get a holistic appraisal of your business and your challenges, along with an approach to a cure for each area. Start on your way to perfect organizational health, today.

We are recognized as a thought-leader within the insurance industry and a recommended resource for LOMA members. LOMA, and by extension, its members, can expect to benefit from this affiliate membership by gaining access to NEOS’s insights and viewpoint of the industry.

Ernst Renner says, “LOMA and NEOS have the same goal, which is to help insurers consider product development, digitalization, process efficiency, and using data to make informed business decisions.”

Striving to Achieve Operational Excellence

Read this quick infographic about operational excellence trends and insights in the insurance industry

NEOS sponsored and spoke at this year’s Operational Excellence in Insurance Summit and the insights and best practices shared by driven and successful business leaders was aimed at moving insurers towards sustained business value and operational success in their organizations.

NEOS speaker topics included:

  • The impacts of Digital Strategy change on Operations
  • Technology trends that are influencing innovation in Process Excellence
  • Diagnosing and solving specific Transformation challenges
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