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NEOS is a management consulting and technology services firm specializing in financial services, insurance and information media industries. Our employees come from these industries; they understand the problem space allowing them to provide practical solutions.

How Insurance Carriers are Embracing the Digital Economy

As product designs trend toward simplicity and customization, insurance carriers must think of innovative ways to provide payment options, even as their sales channels evolve. Insurers must respond to the demands of a changing population who expect carriers to support retail-style processing. This article will provide a view of emerging trends from carriers and the key decision points that will lead to embracing the digital economy. Learn more

Practical Business Solutions to Boost Your Bottom Line

The first edition of the NEOS magazine provides six quick reads that highlight solutions to help insurers boost their bottom line. The magazine is a compilation of articles on a wide range of topics and issues within the insurance industry. Download the magazine

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Overcoming the Hurdles of Product Portfolio Expansion

Are you confident in your ability to expand your product portfolio? Many insurers want to implement innovative products or expand product lines but struggle to get over the finish line. Don’t miss this NEOS and Milliman webinar where you will learn about the common barriers preventing product expansion, how to get past those barriers, and recommendations to help you gain confidence in your capability to expand your portfolio. Watch the video

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Can Your Project be Saved?

Watch the NEOS hosted webinar to learn how to diagnose your project’s actual or potential vulnerabilities. Every project contains a level of risk. By using NEOS’s six categories to pinpoint where potential areas of weakness lie, you can create a plan to mitigate the level of risk or simply keep an eye on problem areas. At the end of this webinar, you will walk away with a vulnerability score and steps to address your score. Do you know where your project stands?

Watch the recording

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