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NEOS is a management consulting and technology services firm specializing in financial services, insurance and information media industries. Our employees come from these industries; they understand the problem space allowing them to provide practical solutions.

So, You Think You Know the Voice of Your Customer

Have you ever come across a customer-oriented initiative where the people around the table assured everyone that they understood the customer well enough to provide the customer perspective? Inevitably, the application fails to deliver on expected benefits because the customer doesn’t behave quite like everyone thought they would.

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How do you harvest value from closed blocks?

Closed blocks of business can represent a cost and resource burden for many life and annuity companies. This “burden” can represent a path to value as well, but how do you harvest that value?

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Dazed and Confused?

Despite ongoing improvement among systems and service providers, NEOS still sees 40% or more system deployment projects failing to deliver anticipated value. While some of this failure can be attributed to poor deployment, much of it can be attributed to poor system selection.

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KPI’s – Actionable Information or Colorful Graphics?

Hear business and IT leaders share their experiences with the identification and utilization of Key Performance Indicators. Three panelists discuss their challenges, successes and lessons learned with KPIs.

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