Provocative Data and Process Solutions

FutureWeek™: Rapid Process Redesign

Agile-based approach to improving and redesigning your business processes. Sprint-based, time-boxed, and collaborative, clients experience:

  • 20%-30%+ improvements in cycle time and costs
  • Enhanced customer and employee experience
  • Increased transparency into workflow and workforce capacity

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Unlocking your business value

Insurers will gain business value NEOS

NEOS is a management consulting and technology services firm specializing in financial services, insurance, and information media industries. Our employees come from these industries; they understand the problem space allowing them to provide practical solutions that unlock our client’s business value potential.

NEOS Announces Premium Affiliate Membership with LOMA

NEOS is now a Premium Affiliate member of LOMAWe are recognized as a thought-leader within the insurance industry and a recommended resource for LOMA members. LOMA, and by extension, its members, can expect to benefit from this affiliate membership by gaining access to NEOS’s insights and viewpoint of the industry.

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