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How to Reach Millennials with Your Retirement Plan Products

A NEOS Whitepaper

Retirement planning advertising efforts are focused on singles and couples nearing retirement in the baby boomer generation. However, insurers and retirement services companies have another significant customer group coming down the line. There is much to do to build a meaningful business to attract and retain Millennials. There is no reason to wait to begin courting Millennials. Products, marketing approaches, technology infrastructure and distribution channels will all need to be developed to woo and support this new generation.

In this report you will learn:

  • Why Millennials are prime candidates for retirement services products
  • Social characteristics of Millennials
  • Recommended actions for companies based on social characteristics

Download this white paper for an understanding of the Millennial generations and how to reach them with retirement services products.

How to Reach Millennials with Your Retirement Plan Products

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