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Change Management as a Capability, Not a Checklist

A NEOS Whitepaper

Changes in technology has increased tenfold over the last decade. As a result, organizations have no choice but to standardize their project management processes and procedures in order to control cost and optimize quality. From this standardization, change management has emerged as a widely recognized key factor for successfully executing complex transformation projects. Yet, many companies still experience complications when it comes to executing change management practices.

At NEOS, we believe change management needs to be an organizational capability, not merely a set of tools augmenting standard project management processes, or an item on your project manager’s checklist. This paper examines three pillars necessary for building a word-class change management capability.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • Why it is so important to build a change management capability
  • The three pillars necessary for building a change management capability
  • Best practices within each pillar that leads to success

Download the whitepaper to start constructing your own change management capability.

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