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Administer Technology Strategy and Direction

Strategies: (noun)

  1. a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.

Direction: (noun)

  1. a course along which someone or something moves.
  2. the management or guidance of someone or something.

Your technology is only as strong as the strategy surrounding it. Business-savvy, long-term goals and policies for your systems and portfolios are a must. This type of strategy will lengthen your technology portfolio’s useful life, and preserve valuable resource time from multiple, unnecessary upgrades.

NEOS has the technology know-how and business expertise to help craft such a strategy. We can identify areas of weakness that would benefit from modernization, and we recognize that not all modernization efforts result in a change in technology. Some can be managed to reduce operational costs and dependency on legacy systems, strengthening your overall technology portfolio.

Technology Strategy and Direction Solutions


Rationalizing your portfolio allows you to understand how products, processes and technology associate to and drive your business. NEOS recommends beginning by organizing your assets into large segments based on the function and benefit to the business so you can see across the enterprise, find commonalities and plan a comprehensive enterprise program to simplify the portfolio and ensure alignment to the business.

NEOS can combine its own proven, adaptable methods for rationalizing and simplifying large portfolios of business products, processes or technology. These methods have been used in many different industries and can mold to your particular situation.

Current State Assessment and Future State Planning

Our current state assessment allows you to objectively recognize how your systems are performing. We offer insight on the complexity of the system and the dependency on other programs and databases. Our assessments allow us to take the next step in assisting with future state planning. We make recommendations on how you can modernize your systems providing quick hit opportunities as well as long-term goals.

Technology Scorecard

The NEOS Scorecard summarizes key information about a portfolio of processes, products, technologies or applications in such a way that modernization options can be defined and decisions can be made. The Scorecard is a key deliverable within the NEOS Rationalization Phase of its holistic modernization approach.

The NEOS Scorecard presents a clear line of sight with links to business goals, strategic direction and organizational priorities. The NEOS Scorecard is designed to work with reality in mind. We have built in methods that allow your roadmap to flex with your business, showing you impacts to your modernization effort. How? Because we think holistically, practically and strategically.

Clients use the NEOS Scorecard to:

  • Assess the impact of a merger/acquisition.
  • Prioritize resource allocations and funding for modernization initiatives.
  • Conduct modernization planning.
  • Lay a foundation for wide-scale business process management.
  • Establish benchmarks for system simplification or consolidation.

The Scorecard creates a holistic view of the process, product or application portfolio. The NEOS Scorecard process is based on four key principles:

  • Objective, quantifiable, metrics add more value than subjective statements.
  • The current business and management vision must be taken into account in planning a modernization program/project.
  • All views of the organization must be considered in order to achieve success.
  • Traceability must be in place in order to provide context to the data collected at the time.

NEOS completes the portfolio Scorecard in a 6 to 8 week sprint, which generally yields several quick win opportunities in addition to defined deliverables.

Delta Force

The NEOS Delta Force concept is applied to the Orchestration phase of a modernization program. Once the Scorecard and MoM have laid out an appropriate direction, it is time to organize the project(s) with the resources and type of modernization efforts being utilized.

The NEOS Delta Force is a small team, typically 4 to 6 people, who conduct the following tasks for each modernization effort being executed:

  • Complete cost-benefit analysis to ensure ROI of the effort.
  • Assembles project plans and estimates resources, effort and scheduling.
  • Prepares going-in requirements prior to firm up the direction with real requirements and strategy.
  • Performs “mini-conversions” for specific types of modernization options.
  • Recommends, estimates and begins provisioning of required IT and HR resources.
  • Conducts data profiling for data conversions.

The NEOS Delta Force team are forerunners out in front of your modernization program, enabling an efficient and effective launch.

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