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Information Media

NEOS Information Media practice is a trusted advisor to leading names in the industry. With a business-centric approach to data and information management, NEOS is able to help clients unlock the value and competitive advantages represented by the information these companies collect, process and distribute.

Offerings in this industry are based on proven business and technology solutions, including tools-assisted modernization support through Vgo Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of NEOS LLC.

Highlighted Areas of Expertise

Data Governance
Learn how we utilized data governance to analyze the current data management processes and data of a Commodities Market Data client in order to recommend critical reference data for each market.

Data Quality Audit
Learn about NEOS′ experience evaluating index reports published to the market compared to those stored within internal databases of the world′s leading provider of financial ratings.

Publication Modernization
Learn how NEOS modernized product lines of an Equity Research group by constructing a roadmap to support publishing, re-engineer/modernize business publication processes and implementation.

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