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Which Software Should You Really Pick?

How to do a thorough software evaluation

With lean IT budgets and resources stretched thin, modernization decisions and investments take on new importance. First rule of thumb: don’t leap to a software or technology answer without a business context. Software may be some or all of the solution, but until you have truly analyzed your business case, you should never assume. No matter how urgent the need may be to replace a system or address a business challenge, assembling the right team of decision makers and stakeholders to do a thorough analysis will ensure you spend your budget wisely and don’t create additional risks or unnecessary costs for your organization.

In this report you will learn:

  • NEOS’ 5 Best Practices for a thorough software evaluation
  • Evaluation Frustrations to avoid
  • The importance of understanding your business problem before jumping toward technology to fix it
  • How to make sure you are selecting the right software for your business

Download this eBook to learn how to do a thorough software evaluation.

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