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Monitor and Track Progress with Informed Business Metrics

Steer: (verb)

  1. guide or control the movement of

Monitor: (Verb)

  1. observe and check the progress or quality of (something) over a period of time; keep under systematic review.

NEOS has developed numerous solutions to help sustain direction and track progress with various methods of gathering business intelligence. Throughout our experience, businesses that utilize metrics and take an active role in project management increase their likelihood of success and have a high level of results. With this in mind, we consolidate and manage data into dashboards and reports that can be easily leveraged allowing for informed business decision making.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Analytic Sandbox

NEOS’ Analytics Sandbox is an architecture that supports analytical research through the correlation of disparate data. It is a database environment created to allow discovery of iteratively added data sources. The Sandbox supports the collection of data from external source systems (D&B, Morning Star, price files, etc.) in their native format and loosely associates data using a unified key architecture. The intent of the Sandbox is to provide a destination for researchers to conduct discovery analysis before launching into a larger, more formal, IT effort.

A Sandbox Is
Sandbox Is Not
An environment and supporting processes that allows data to be loaded from different sources quickly and easily. A formal IT “production” architecture that requires heavy detailed IT analysis throughout.
A place where data lies natively, with its good and bad traits. A storage area for scrubbed and cleansed data.
A database that loosely links data through a unified key architecture.  This linkage provides a method for researchers to query and associate data. An area that supports the aggregation and tight/formal association of all data from multiple data sources (that would be a more formal data warehouse or mart).
A place where researchers can manipulate data and report on their impact. A place that locks down data to be “untouchable.”
Data history may be retained, though requests must be made for each data set brought in. A system that stores data infinitely.  Does not include cross-subject history.

Researchers must have access to data quickly in order to conduct creative and effective research. Whether it is claims actuarial research, quantitative analysis or product research, the Sandbox fosters an environment where data can be brought together with the understanding that it is not a “production” environment. This environment supports the development of analytical models, forecasts, trend analyses and financial research.

Executive Dashboards

We have designed numerous executive dashboards to express data in quick glance, intuitive methods. All are designed to help monitor your processes and projects, allowing you to determine whether you are on-track or are falling behind and need corrections. We do not use an off the shelf product because we understand what is valuable to each client varies. Therefore, we work closely with you to determine what information is most critical and drives your business decisions so we can create a custom dashboard that fits your individual needs.

Report and Analytic Design, Inventory and Consolidation

Are you getting the most out of reports and analytics?

NEOS can help you design, organize and collect reports that provide the most important information.

Data Integration

Our data integration service compiles data from multiple sources to provide a holistic view of your data. An integrated view allows you to see the big-picture in order to make informed business decisions.

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