Stop! In the Name of Your Project Value

Realigning a runaway project back to the original business goals

The CEO of an educational services company approached NEOS in desperation. After a tumultuous board meeting where members asked penetrating questions about an expensive, multi-year effort to modernize one of the company’s core admin systems, the CEO realized she had no good answers. The project was on track to exceed its original budget and run far beyond the planned duration; however, it had yet to deliver anything of any real business value. She contacted NEOS after learning about our Project Value Assurance (PVA) model.

In this paper, you will learn:

  • What the PVA model is and what it can accomplish
  • How the joint NEOS-client team applied the model, uncovered root causes, and recommended a set of actions to take the modernization effort forward
  • Best practices to keep your project in line with business goals

Download this paper to see how a project can be realigned to deliver its intended result and best practices to keep the project on track.