Sometimes it’s Not About Efficiency

As regulatory burdens continue to grow and violations become expensive on a company’s bottom line, having a strong compliance mindset will stand a company in good stead. That is why NEOS developed the Process Control Topology approach for clients who need a view into how controls, business process, and application architecture cooperate to achieve compliance with regulatory and risk management requirements.

In this report you will learn:


What a Process Control Topology (PCT) is,  how it is developed and six uses and benefits


How PCT helps you understand and analyze your business by weaving together compliance, controls, and process


What’s the foundation of a strong PCT initiative


How the holistic approach of a PCT was applied and quickly used in a real life risk mitigation project
PCT outcomes and deliverables and their importance in identifying and mitigating costly risks in your data, process and controls


Download this white paper to see how a PCT can quickly provide you with a woven picture of your business process, data, and compliance hot spots.