Get your program back on track with provocative
project management services.

Program Value Assurance is an 8-10 week method to examine any large initiative and ensure successful deployment of change. Our project management experts diagnose your program’s potential liabilities–and deliver a clear procedure to achieve a strong finish.

“NEOS brought clarity and a sense of purpose to the project, which had been going on for several years with little to show for it. We were able to make difficult but necessary decisions to get back on track.”

— Program Manager, Non-Profit Organization

How It Works

  • 1. Leadership

    Ineffective or disengaged sponsorship can be a primary contributor to project failure. To help you identify and engage the right sponsorship, we use a specialized set of criteria designed to highlight sponsor gaps and pitfalls.

  • 2. Organizational Relevance

    Maintain a clear connection between the project and your strategic vision. We provide tools that clearly convey objectives and outcomes – with simple and relevant metrics to measure and report on performance.

  • 3. Solution Fit

    Reduce the risk of overspend on inappropriate resources or technology that provides no value-add. Our experts conduct a comprehensive audit, to ensure your technologies, processes, and people are aligned to support.

  • 4. Target Employee Engagement

    Increase likelihood of program success by helping employees perceive the change with an open mind. We help you identify employees to contribute expertise, redefine project requirements, and review process flows.

  • 5. Program Mechanics

    With so many variables, mechanics are a high-risk area. We oversee all aspects of project management, from creating a steering committee to conducting status meetings. We define the plan, assess risks, monitor status, track issues, etc.

  • 6. Communication

    Ensure effective, consistent and appropriate communications across sponsors, stakeholders, customers and project teams. We help you target messaging to appropriate audiences, to generate excitement and enthusiasm for your program.


Meticulous Evaluation

Identify root causes of derailment and receive a set of recommendations & action plan to get the program back on track

Delivery Team

Leverage our experts - as an extension of your own team - to implement the plan and take on all aspects of program execution


See your program completed on time - and within budget - and start reaping its benefits sooner

Increased ROI

Ensure your program delivers the value your stakeholders expect - and for which they have paid