Use provocative process improvement to make the ideal future state of your business a reality.

Don’t let your inefficient processes hold back your future capabilities. FutureWeek℠ is a six-week approach that delivers actionable process improvement methodologies to match your business scenario and needs.

“FutureWeek℠ created a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in our global stakeholder community around the future state. NEOS energized the group and kept us on track for three days of discussion and whiteboarding. In the end, we had a future state content creation vision that guided our vendor selection, work stream planning, and implementation strategy.”

— Global COO, Information Services & Digital Media Company

How It Works

  • Phase 1: Discovery and Preparation

    Lay the groundwork, set the vision, establish measurable business value

    Using observations, interviews, and documentation reviews, we identify, define and prioritize your major pain points. We then establish a clear plan with measurable objectives. Our Business Value Linkage scorecard reveals how the redesign effort will support your broader business strategy. We also prepare and distribute materials to align all parties, focus efforts, and achieve executive buy-in early on.

  • Phase 2: Workshop

    An onsite workshop that generates meaningful results

    In this one-week workshop, we define your desired business experience and operating model, redesign your business process, and assess the impact of the future state on the organization. Our proven tools and expert guidance help you eliminate political strain, departmental bias, and fear of change. Meaningful collaboration emerges, and your teams generate a clear vision for your future state in record time.

  • Phase 3: Final Designs and Models

    Translate objectives and business realities into a right-sized approach for your organization

    Our experts generate process designs, impact assessments, service models, technology requirements, and other outcomes conformed to your organization. We strip away excess detail and leave only meaningful action items. We provide a concise set of process improvement methodologies and tools that outline next steps for implementation, additional processes, and software selection and requirements.


Reveal Core Issues

Our teams are trained to explore beyond the superficial. We uncover underlying issues that may play a significant, but undetected, role in your ability to effect change.

Unify Stakeholders

Gain early buy-in from key leaders to ensure that priorities are maintained and support is available when your project’s team is ready to execute.

Track Success

Meaningful key performance indicators and clear design documentation set your process up for success and provide validation for future initiatives.

Measure Results

Our proprietary tools have been tested to deliver an achievable action plan that maintains an unobscured link between objectives and results.