Create a one-stop data lake superstore to enable data analytics with ease.

The integration of data and easy access to it is a critical competitive advantage for any Insurance agency. Our Data Lake Accelerator creates quick delivery of data–whether financial, claims, policy, or customer data–to enable analytics, business transformation, and informed decision-making.

How It Works

  • Build

    A data lake allows you to store vast quantities of any type of digital data in its raw format, allowing for quick and easy ingestion. We put proper governance processes in place so that users understand what is in the lake, where it is, where it came from, and how it can be used.

  • Zone

    A properly zoned data lake provides flexibility to quickly add and make available new sources of data, while also providing the benefit of clean and consistent data to downstream consumers.  We implement five distinct zones for any data lake: Raw, Structured, Curated, Consumer, and Analytics zones–each of which provides a unique benefit to the lake and its users.

  • Search, Scale, and Use

    Once your data lake is in place, data continues to flow in via batch processing or real-time streaming data. We enable users to leverage a Data-and-Analytics-as-a-Service (DAaaS) model and extract data on-demand to support their analytic needs. The lake can also support advanced analytics and automated functions, such as machine learning and robotic process automation.


Create A Single Repository

Direct the flow of fragmented data from disparate systems across the enterprise–from submissions and quoting, to invoicing and renewals–into one location.

Expose Legacy Data

Gain easy access to data otherwise difficult to identify and extract without labor-intensive IT support–at reduced costs and greater efficiency.

Increase Speed-to-Market

Whether to fuel online interactive client transactions or support actuarial research needs, accelerating the delivery of the right data when it is needed helps deliver the right product or service to customers.

Enable Self-Service

Apply good governance so you can find the data you need, validate its source, and draw it from the lake for use in a consumer system–such as claims, marketing, policy, or finance applications.