Gain support for periods of peak demand with Business Process Outsourcing Flex.

Your business-as-usual operations may be stressed or have value spikes, your customer expectations may have increased, but so have efficiency expectations. So, how do you handle the “business unusual?” Our Business Process Outsourcing Flex services inject new ideas, provide “white glove” service, and support critical periods of peak demand with scalable expertise.

How It Works

  • The Unusual Event

    A variety of events–including acquisitions, business spikes with new products or features, and strategic partnerships–present an array of temporary, time-sensitive business scenarios that can challenge your existing teams and processes. These circumstances and the tasks which they create require a workforce with focused talent and expertise. Facing spikes in demand for support around new business, renewals, proposals, contracts, or enrollments, leaves many organizations confronting the question of how to support the “business unusual.”

  • How We Help

    With deep expertise in managing these events within Life, Retirement, Annuities, Employee Benefits, and Investment Operations our Business Process Outsourcing Flex teams work as an extension of your own organization and provide scalable resources for focused business processes and tasks. Whether you need additional new business claims analysts, field support consultants, or underwriters–even contracts and installation teams–we fill the shortfall that the business unusual presents.

  • The Game Plan

    Leverage our experience and insights to improve your operational processes and meet staffing needs required to support the complex transactions of the business unusual. Our Business Process Outsourcing Flex teams design and operate the interim processes and stay with you until the peak demand subsides–or until we help you determine how to manage your new normal on your own.


A Predictable Workforce

Be prepared for anticipated or unforeseen periods of peak demand by using expert NEOS team members for critical business processes, ensuring you meet client and partner SLAs.

Cost-Effective Execution

Bolster your staff without permanent team members or getting bogged down recruiting for temporary peaks. Avoid paying for resources that you're not using by scaling with on-demand support.

Strategic Support

Align your strategy for acquisitions and new products with seamless management of the spike in processes related to these events.


We enable you to take on the new size and scale of your business–until you are ready to run it yourself. We help you determine how to support your new environment after we are gone.