Technology modernization services that really work…period.

Your IT architecture is only as strong as the strategy behind it. Acquisitions, organizational change, and fast growth have left in their path legacy technologies that slow down business processes or disperse data across multiple systems in different ways–while today’s market and regulations demand greater operational agility and flexibility. Your organization’s technologies must be positioned to support these efforts, not impede. Our technology modernization services extend beyond the scope of IT to holistic business transformation.

“We have found NEOS’ versatility, speed, and expertise to be extraordinary. NEOS is an excellent partner when you need a variety of mission critical business systems.”


– CIO, World’s Leading Credit Ratings Company

  • Portfolio Assessment

    Organize your technology portfolios to simplify oversight and optimize return on investment. Understand how products, processes and technology drive your business. Standardize processes to facilitate compliance, increase transparency in IT projects and facilitate funding decisions. Digital transformation consulting services from our expert teams employ proven, adaptable methods for rationalizing and simplifying large portfolios of business products, processes and technology. Our flexible methodologies perform reliably across various industry applications and conform to your particular situation.

    • Technology portfolio rationalization & scorecard
    • High priority requirement gathering & RFP analysis
    • Application rationalization & modernization
    • Data rationalization
    • IT Ops risk & talent assessment
    • Client/Server legacy assessments with ART
  • Modernization Delivery

    Align your technology goals with your business goals and priorities. We explore your architecture, processes, and data–and how these realities support or detract from your organization’s goals. We apply strategic and forward-thinking solutions that are grounded in practicality, and we either engage with your teams to launch your modernization initiatives–or implement the entire plan for you.


    We use proprietary assessment and re-engineering products, Evo and ART, to aid in the complex process of modernizing legacy technology.  Blended with our Evolutions modernization methodology, we can “crank out code” as well as engage and deliver on the business needs.  Engagement of business sponsors is the most important factor to a successful modernization engagement.


    Our NEOS Delta Force teams quickly act on every major aspect of a modernization activity and create a practical and realistic impact and feasibility perspective–so you can have the most accurate view of anticipated cost, risks and impact on your organization.  Our Delta Force teams will actually do “mini” conversions that can better prove out future-state technology and align ROI.


    • Policy administration conversion
    • Oracle, PowerBuilder, and Visual Basic modernization
    • NEOS Delta Force teams provide an agile approach


  • Legacy Conversion

    When you understand objectively how your current systems are performing, you can make more appropriate decisions about what and when to update legacy systems. In fact, not all modernization efforts require in a change in technology. We offer insight on the complexity of your system and the dependency on other programs and databases. With a holistic perspective top of mind, we make recommendations regarding systems modernization that include both quick-hit opportunities for immediate change and strategies for long-term conversion.