Comprehensive operations consulting that extends beyond the superficial.

Strategy and transformation challenges often present a series of symptoms that appear restricted to the situation at hand. But upon closer inspection, the effects from these problems reverberate throughout an organization and can complicate seemingly unrelated processes. Our transformation and strategy consulting experts apply provocative yet proven techniques that reveal not only the areas where your organization can achieve immediate improvement, but the potentially unseen behaviors, processes, and technologies that have the potential undermine your long-term goals. From there, we develop clear and achievable strategies to transform your company into a more agile organization that elevates financial and service performance.

“NEOS recommended a creative, thought-provoking strategy that addressed our specific needs and demonstrated their ability to balance business strategy and technology.”



– Head of Retirement Services, Global Life Insurance Company

  • Business Strategy & Performance

    Translating a company mission, vision, and overarching business strategy into an actionable operational plan requires connecting a myriad of dots all along the value chain. Tightly executing against that strategy means making difficult prioritization, resourcing, and trade-off decisions while keeping stakeholders on the same page. NEOS brings a holistic approach and practical, insightful proprietary consulting tools that help you align “in the weeds” activities with strategic targets and KPIs. We help you with:

    • Business Value Linkage

    • Operational Roadmaps

    • Strategic Execution Models and Frameworks

    • Key Performance Indicators

  • Change Management

    With the increasing focus on digitalization and ‘bots, it’s easy to forget that human beings remain the true engine of business growth and customer experience. Workforces are changing. Companies need new capabilities. Every innovation depends on people for successful deployment. NEOS teams can help you get the right people, with the right skills, into the right roles to drive change, reduce risk, and, ultimately, achieve business performance. We help you with:

    • Change Management Strategy and Execution

    • Organization and Job Design

    • Employee Engagement

    • Sponsorship Coalition

  • Customer Experience

    These days, customer loyalty depends on more than great products and excellent service. Competitors have raised the bar on the overall customer experience within and outside of the insurance and financial services industry. Meeting the customers’ demands – what they want, when they want it, the way they want it – strains even the most sophisticated company. The first step is translating what your customers are telling you and not telling you into an end-to-end experience that spans process, technology, and organization. Then come steps 2 through 42 as you implement, measure, and optimize over time. NEOS offers a range of services to help you deliver on your customer experience commitments – whether your customer is your employee, the policyholder, distributor, or advisor. We help you with:

    • Voice of the Customer

    • Omnichannel

    • Digitalization

    • Agent/Distributor Enablement and Support

    • Business Process Design

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Acquisitions, divestitures, and strategic partnerships all present an array of temporary, time-sensitive business scenarios that can challenge your existing teams and processes. Whether you are looking for growth or divestiture strategies, our team is here to help develop an objective strategy viewpoint. Our consulting experts provide a full range of advisory services by evaluating your capabilities, crafting options for successful, long-term development, and delivering recommendations for building a repeatable process to achieve your strategic goals. We help you with:

    • Due Diligence

    • Transition Services Agreement

    • Operational Alignment Assessment

  • Organizational Performance

    We help you smooth out the bumps when bringing change to your enterprise. By building trust, strengthening communications, and establishing clear performance expectations, you improve organizational effectiveness and reduce risk. We help you identify and quantify areas in your operations where you can increase your organization’s overall health. By evaluating the full picture of your organizations, we generate a comprehensive plan that demonstrates ways to help your organization become motivated to meet and ultimately exceed expectations. We help you with:

    • Aligning Talent with Organizational Goals

    • Team Performance Best Practices

    • Key Performance Indicators

  • Risk Management

    We help insurance and financial services organizations embrace uncertainty by building internal capabilities around risk management, controls, and compliance to adapt faster and create sustainable competitive advantage. We help you identify, quantify, and mitigate risks that affect your business strategy, strategic objectives, or strategy execution. Our team of risk, data, and technology experts can assist you at any step of the process:

    • Developing Operational Risk Score Cards

    • Vendor Risk Assessment and Management Support

    • Information Risk Management – focusing on CCPA

    • Technology Risk Profiling

    • ERM Framework Deployment

  • NEOS Services for Salesforce

    We help insurance and financial services organizations integrate, optimize, and execute initiatives within Salesforce to bridge the gap between business problems and technical solutions. Our team of certified Salesforce experts can transform this solution into a valuable asset that improves insurance processes, provides actionable data, engages sales teams, delivers value faster, and drives bottom-line results. We help you with:

    • Implementation

    • Custom Development

    • Mobility

    • Migration

    • Integration

    • Training

    • Support

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