Comprehensive operations consulting that extends beyond the superficial.

Strategy and operations challenges often present a series of symptoms that appear restricted to the situation at hand. But upon closer inspection, the effects from these problems reverberate throughout an organization and can complicate seemingly unrelated processes. Our operations and strategy consulting experts apply provocative yet proven techniques that reveal not only the areas where your organization can achieve immediate improvement, but the potentially unseen behaviors, processes and technologies that have the potential undermine your long-term goals. From there, we develop clear and achievable strategies to transform your company into a more agile organization that elevates financial and service performance.

“NEOS recommended a creative, thought-provoking strategy that addressed our specific needs and demonstrated their ability to balance business strategy and technology.”



– Head of Retirement Services, Global Life Insurance Company

  • Modernization

    Your organization must first obtain a thorough understanding of your current assets and capabilities before implementing any changes to your organization’s strategy & operations. We apply a holistic approach to modernization, providing practical, insightful proprietary operations consulting tools and processes that pave the way for a modernization effort that is both efficient and cost-effective.

    • Organization-wide modernization roadmaps
    • Database modernization
    • Program budget re-forecasting
    • NEOS Product Scorecard
    • Product & program assessment
    • Product development process & governance modeling
  • Product Strategy

    Build innovation into your product development lifecycle. In place of a single catch-all solution, a deliberate product strategy requires a holistic approach to ensure delivery of new products quickly and within budget. But delivering new processes, data and systems to agents efficiently can be tricky, resulting in cost overruns and time delays. Your company’s key differentiators will be determined by effective organizational agility to roll out new products and training distribution channels, along with the opportunities that accompany modernization.

    Our unbiased strategy consulting experts evaluate your modernization requirements, communications strategies, channel efficiency and agent recruiting & onboarding. We then generate a customized roadmap that leverages your existing equities and outlines a strategy to ensure that your company develops the right products to achieve your strategic goals.

  • Change Management

    When you are able to crack the code of effective change management, you create clear competitive advantage. Transparency, employee engagement and visible and consistent leadership will accelerate acceptance and build value for your company. We help you develop a change management strategy that is more than a simple checklist – it’s an organizational capability. Developing a holistic change management and communication strategy alongside a master program plan reduces employee turnover and increases satisfaction. These tools, competencies, accountability standards and measurable employee leadership behaviors enable you to create a self-perpetuating change management value chain that will continue to refine itself into a world-class capability.

    • Sponsor coalition planning
    • Targeted change management communications
    • Gamification for behavioral change
    • Resistance management tools
  • Operational and Organizational Excellence

    We help you smooth out the bumps when bringing change to your enterprise. By building trust, strengthening communications and establishing clear performance expectations, you improve organizational effectiveness and reduce risk. We help you identify and quantify areas in your operations where you can increase your organization’s overall health. By evaluating the full picture of your operations, we generate a comprehensive plan that demonstrates ways to help your organization become motivated to meet, and ultimately exceed, expectations.

    • Company culture trust analysis
    • Team performance best practices