Unlock the potential of your CRM to drive better business results, optimize operational efficiencies, and reduce risk.

Whether implementing a new Salesforce initiative or optimizing an existing implementation, our experienced team transforms this business solution into a valuable asset. NEOS Services for Salesforce delivers a 360-degree view of your customers, employees, processes, and the data needed to provide accurate and insightful recommendations that support your insurance business needs.

“We have done amazing things together and have achieved in a few months what it took a comparable team here two years to achieve.”



– VP of IT, Multinational Finance and Insurance Corporation

How It Works

  • Assessment, Recommendations, and Roadmap

    We leverage our deep industry knowledge and Salesforce expertise to conduct architectural and technical evaluations covering multiple workstreams to identify opportunities causing lack of adoption and poor ROI.  We generate an actionable roadmap that helps you strengthen your processes and team, mitigate risks, and create value faster.

  • Solution Design, User Experience, and Mobility

    Understanding your processes, data needs, talent resources, and success metrics is critical to support and enhance Salesforce to fit your business needs. We provide the right architecture, data model, and functional UI to deliver capabilities like data integration, customer 360, a better customer journey, and advanced analytics that seamlessly span marketing, sales, operations, and services, to enable an optimized experience in Salesforce.

  • Systems Integration and Hybrid Agile

    Agile methodology works well for requirements, development, and unit testing; yet, integrating systems, data governance, and releasing code into production often requires following an enterprise waterfall methodology. NEOS uses a hybrid agile methodology which provides the pace of agile with the necessity of enterprise waterfall and delivers releases quickly, reduces risks, and delivers an end-to-end solution.

  • Solution Adoption, Training, and Coaching

    NEOS has developed a proven, process-led, persona-based approach focusing on the functional capabilities for each user. This approach ensures the required data is captured and presented to the users to enable informed business decisions.

  • Solution Production Support

    NEOS provides responsive technical support to keep Salesforce operational once live. We assess your needs and leverage our resources to transition procedures and skills to your in-house teams. We can also provide responsive user support and business process support services that cover marketing, sales, operations, services, and reporting to drive change within your organization.