Business process excellence reimagined.
Gain a competitive edge by seeing your processes as business assets.

Process efficiency can make or break your business. Using provocative yet proven methodologies to expose underlying cause and effect, our business process excellence experts identify areas for improved productivity, cycle times, and quality to put you a step ahead.

“We have found NEOS’ versatility, speed, and expertise to be extraordinary.”

– CIO of World’s Leading Credit Ratings Company

  • Business Process Design & Optimization

    Business processes are the lifeblood of any insurance and financial services provider, and optimized business processes provide a competitive advantage. Whether driven by customer experience, the need to control costs or an impending technology change, effective process design increases the likelihood of return on the investment. Our FutureWeekSM approach process design incorporates best practices from agile, design-thinking, and appreciative inquiry to ensure a strong foundation for the future state. We help you with:

    • Business Value Linkage

    • Current State Analysis

    • Future State Design

    • Impact Assessment

    • Action Planning

  • Adaptive Process Outsourcing

    Seasonal peaks, sales challenges, product block acquisitions, and high-priority initiatives can create internal resource pressures that expose an insurer to customer experience, financial, and service level risk. NEOS can help address the “business unusual” scenarios with our deep expertise in Life, Retirement, Annuities, and Employee Benefits. Our teams work as an extension of your organization and provide scalable resources for focused business processes and tasks. We help with:

    • Underwriting

    • RFP Intake

    • New Business Triage and NIGO resolution

    • Quote and Proposal Generation

  • Robotic Process Automation

    Evolve from the repetitive manual tasks that bog down your daily business functions. From processing new business applications to day-to-day customer service interaction, many organizations rely on manual labor to collect, review, and input data-preventing optimal productivity, speed, and accuracy. We use the contextual knowledge gained by our deep industry expertise and our extensive business processing savvy to incorporate intelligent software robots in your day-to-day operations. By mapping out your processes, determining the rules, and applying a governance model to ensure robotic process automation is working effectively, we help you:

    • Reduce Upfront Workload by Up to 50%

    • Speed Process Cycle Times and Increase Productivity

    • Improve Client Experience and Satisfaction

    • Mitigate Risk and Ensure Stronger Compliance