Achieve your strategic direction by taking an innovative approach to utilizing emerging technologies.

Thanks to the myriad of “industry-changing” technologies available to IT and operational leaders, knowing which technology investments enable business outcomes and which are simply “hammers” in search of “nails” is as difficult as it is critical. While today’s market offers extraordinary technical capabilities being able to realize practical business objectives through innovative and disciplined application of emerging technologies is still a challenging artform.

“The NEOS team was driven by the business value our AI initiatives would enable. The methods, structure, and innovative thinking they provided allowed us to satisfy our tech-savvy customer demands while increasing our market share.”


– SVP, Digital Strategy – Global Multi-Line Insurer

  • Automation

    With the rise of digitization and intelligent automation technologies such as RPA, the case for automating insurance and financial services activities have become quite compelling. At NEOS, we use contextual knowledge gained by our deep industry expertise and our extensive business processing savvy to apply intelligent automation in your day-to-day operations effectively.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing the business of insurance and financial services by enabling and enhancing experiences in marketing, sales, customer service, underwriting, and claims. NEOS can help companies apply AI technologies to drive innovation and achieve breakthrough business results.

  • Machine Learning

    Insurance and financial services companies focus on three main objectives: improving cost structures, maintaining compliance, and building competitiveness. Machine learning can help carriers maintain a competitive edge in this highly elastic marketplace. NEOS can leverage machine learning to surface deep business insights that increase operational efficiency, boost underwriting accuracy, and even detect fraud.

  • Cyber Security

    Along with political, economic, and catastrophic events, Cyber events pose an ever-increasing threat to insurance and financial service companies today. The costs and impacts of even a minor breach can be catastrophic to an industry founded on trust and reputation. Our Cyber Maturity Assessment powered by 6point6 enables companies to identify exposures and develop strategies to address them rapidly and discreetly.