A Center of Excellence and Implementation for Your Projects and Programs

Project and program excellence is a cornerstone of business transformation–and effective implementation is its engine. Our program management experts and delivery teams take you from project design to completion using traditional, agile, or Scaled Agile delivery models. We partner with you every step of the way, crafting a winning strategy and team, so you can realize the ROI you know your projects and programs can deliver.


“Quality improved, redundancies were eliminated, staff was engaged, costs were reduced, and business operations were optimized – a complete success.”


– EVP of International Business Operations, Global Insurance Company

  • Implementation Strategy & Program Design

    If you’re embarking on a large process or technology-driven change initiative, don’t go it alone. Our experienced project management experts cut through the fog of confusing methodology choices and unclear program organizational models.  We assess multiple aspects of your change initiative to get it started properly, with a program organization and methodology choice that matches the needs of your program–in the context of your enterprise’s standards and expertise.


  • Program Optimization & Performance Assurance

    Our experienced project management experts can assess any initiative, especially those in distress. We assess the health of your project or program, identifying ways to ensure a successful outcome and that the initiative is aligned with the proper ROI levers.  Our exclusive Program Value Assurance methodology uses a proven six-lever model that rapidly examines key components of a program and delivers a concrete plan to get your program back on track and achieve a strong finish.


  • Implementation & ROI Assessment

    Large change initiatives are never easy to properly staff and get off the ground, especially in critical areas of planning and leadership.  A shortage of experienced Program and Project Managers, and versatile PMO staff, can stall a program before it even begins.  NEOS brings a range of leaders and managers to bear that have relevant experience in your industry, your methodology, and the type of change you are embarking on.  If you are missing just a handful of key positions, or need an entire PMO stood up, we’ve got the staff and frameworks to make it happen.


  • Agile Transformation

    Organizations today are faced with a more rapidly changing ecosystem than ever before. This fast-paced, dynamic environment demands alternatives to traditional delivery models and frameworks, and your organization needs to adapt quickly, efficiently, and structurally to keep up and to eventually win. NEOS provides expert agile and Scaled Agile professionals that can help your organization through incremental or transformation adoption of agile delivery models – through coaching and hands-on leadership and delivery. Our experience provides us with a robust knowledge base to support you in an agile strategy, integration into an overall target operating model, and adaption to the scaling and cultural impacts of an agile business.