Digital opportunities are within your reach.

Data is the modern currency of business, and the value of the data that flows throughout your organization is a goldmine. We are committed to enhancing your ability to unlock that information to improve the customer experience, draw valuable insights and reduce operational costs. NEOS is uniquely positioned to help you deliver in this new digital world by combining our deep industry expertise with modern data and technology solutions.

“NEOS’ high-impact approach to our data strategy was practical and comprehensive.”

– CIO, U.S.-based Insurer

  • Data Strategy

    A comprehensive data strategy can create a competitive advantage for your organization. We provide a strategic assessment to align data strategy to business drivers, identify impediments to execution, and create a practical roadmap that accelerates delivery. A sound data strategy is a foundation for helping you leverage the value of your data.

  • Data Architecture and Engineering

    Technology innovation has made entirely new digital business opportunities possible. We help our clients leverage data within and beyond the enterprise with a modern, scalable architecture that meets today’s demands for accessibility, analytics, and decision support. We help you shift from legacy transactional, reporting, and archiving models to self-service, dynamic interchange hub models, and to lakes and repositories for rules, models, and processes. As the access to data becomes a mandate, the architecture, technology, and engineering supporting the integration and care for that data are evolving at an even faster pace.


  • Business Insights and Analytics

    Sharpen your competitive edge by leveraging data and analytics to propel your business forward. We leverage the information flowing throughout your enterprise so that you can gain greater insights and make better decisions. We help you find and interpret the data most relevant to your business needs, combining our data visualization, business analytics, and technology expertise to deliver insights that generate action.


  • Emerging Technology

    While today’s market offers extraordinary technical capabilities, being able to realize practical business objectives through the innovative and disciplined application of emerging technologies is still a challenging artform. We help you achieve your strategic direction by taking an innovative approach to utilizing a myriad of industry-changing technologies and architectures such as cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), sensors and telematics, cyber-security and robotic process automation.

  • Automation

    With the rise of digitization and intelligent automation technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) to automate manual processes that are a barrier to improving claims, underwriting, submission, service operations, machine learning to improve the performance of rating or fraud detection algorithms, or mining of unstructured data from images and raw text, the case for automating insurance and financial services activities have become quite compelling. We use contextual knowledge gained by our deep industry expertise and our extensive business processing savvy to apply intelligent automation in your day-to-day operations effectively.

  • Executive Advisory

    Elevate your strategy and produce better results for your organization. We act as a valuable ally for busy IT and Data executives with complex organizational challenges to develop innovations, set and implement strategies, and better align to business priorities. As subject matter experts, we can also step into an interim C-level role if needed while you search for the right fit for the organization.