Digital opportunities are within your reach.

Data is the modern currency of business, and the value of the data that flows throughout your organization is a goldmine. We are committed to enhancing your ability to unlock that information to improve the customer experience, draw valuable insights and reduce operational costs. NEOS is uniquely positioned to help you deliver in this new digital world by combining our deep industry expertise with modern data and technology solutions.

“NEOS’ high-impact approach to our data strategy was practical and comprehensive.”

– CIO, U.S.-based Insurer

  • Data Strategy

    A comprehensive data strategy can create a competitive advantage for your organization. We provide a strategic assessment to align data strategy to business drivers, identify impediments to execution, and create a practical roadmap that accelerates delivery. A sound data strategy is a foundation for helping you leverage the value of your data.

  • Data Architecture

    Technology innovation has made possible entirely new digital business opportunities. We help you leverage data within and beyond the enterprise with a modern, scalable architecture that meets today’s demands for accessibility, analytics, and decision support. We help our clients shift from legacy transactional, reporting, and archiving models to self-service, dynamic interchange hub models, and to lakes and repositories for rules, models, and process. As the access to data becomes a mandate, the technology and engineering supporting the integration and care for that data are evolving at an even faster pace.


  • Information Architecture

    Information is data in context. NEOS leverages its deep industry domain knowledge to provide a holistic view of the storage and flow of information as it traverses your organization. This framework drives the non-redundant, unambiguous design and governance of your master data and the efficient flow of data across your enterprise.

  • Data Management

    The data universe is expanding at lightning speed. Roughly 90% of digital data in use today was created in the last two years. Data management aligns disparate data for use as a golden source of data. Building and implementing a deliberate data management strategy is critical. We employ a sophisticated profiling assessment matrix that helps you define your primary master data and define across disparate data sources a single version of the truth for customer, account, plan, policy, etc. Adequately integrated and managed data is the key to delivering digital initiatives.

  • Data Governance

    Improve data quality, ensure data alignment, and further leverage your modern data architecture to elevate your bottom line. A sound data governance strategy is an ongoing capability that requires agile collaboration between the IT and business sides of your organization. We help you clarify data lineage, relevance, usage and context, governance workflow, clear metrics, and achievable timelines within a data operations model that supports a right-sized set of work processes to manage data effectively and efficiently.

  • Data Lakes

    The integration of data and easy access to it is a critical competitive advantage for any organization. Data Lakes enable rapid movement of information from various, disparate sources within and beyond the enterprise, into a one-stop superstore–where it can be cataloged in its raw format and used to drive applications, business intelligence, and analytics. We construct data lakes with appropriate governance and effective zones, and we create a self-service model where users can access data on-demand. Our signature Data Lake Accelerator creates quick delivery of data–enabling faster analytics, business transformation, and informed decision-making.

  • Analytics

    NEOS leverages the information flowing throughout your enterprise so that you can achieve better business results. We help you find and interpret the data most relevant to your business needs, combining our data science, business analytics, and technology expertise to deliver insights that generate action. Our commitment is to sharpen your competitive edge by leveraging data to propel your business forward.