Data Solutions that Deliver Value

In an increasingly digital world, data drives competitive advantage. But for many Insurance and Financial Services companies, data is not readily available, and this hinders business growth. NEOS helps you leverage data across the enterprise to improve the customer and agent experience; digitize operations, such as underwriting, claims, and finance; and provide timely insights to decision makers. We combine decades of industry expertise with modern technology and data solutions to quickly deliver results. NEOS transforms the data assets of your organization into an enabler of business innovation.

“NEOS’ high-impact approach to our data strategy was practical and comprehensive.”

– CIO, U.S.-based Insurer

  • Data Strategy

    NEOS utilizes a value-driven approach to data strategy to achieve results. We use our decades of experience in the Insurance and Financial Services industry to align data capabilities to business drivers. We define an incremental approach to building data and technology capabilities, to realize business value quickly and regularly. Success through ongoing delivery of business value is the cornerstone of establishing a data-driven culture throughout your organization—accelerating innovation. If your data strategy is stalled, NEOS gets it back on track.

  • Data Architecture and Engineering

    For many companies, data is simply not accessible to improve the user experience, create new products, and streamline operations. We combine deep skills in cloud and big data technologies with expertise in Insurance and Financial Services platforms to quickly deliver results. Our experts design and implement scalable, flexible data solutions that create true data assets to fuel the diverse needs of external websites, process automation, business intelligence, and advanced analytics. We leverage proven design patterns and connectors that accelerate implementation, ensure high performance, and lower maintenance costs. Our experts unlock data trapped in legacy systems and make it available to power your applications through APIs, microservices, ETL, and other fit-for-purpose technologies. NEOS creates an accessible, flexible, and high-performing data foundation for you to leverage and achieve diverse business goals.

  • Data Quality & Governance

    To remain competitive, companies must develop capabilities to manage data as a true enterprise asset. NEOS has decades of experience transforming the data capabilities of Insurance and Financial Services companies. We leverage our deep business and data expertise to define effective processes, tools, and governance that deliver quality data to drive growth and operational efficiency. To ensure data consistency across your enterprise, we establish a single version of the truth for critical business domains, such as customers, accounts, plans, policies, claims, assets, and investments. Our data quality and data governance best practices establish data catalogs, lineage, usage, and operational workflows that are right sized to your organization. To make data an enabler of innovation, we embed data practices into your standard development lifecycle. NEOS turns quality data into a competitive advantage.

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

    Decision makers are often constrained by limited and lagging insights into product performance, operational effectiveness, and customer behavior. We apply our knowledge of the processes, workflow, and data utilized throughout the Insurance and Financial Services industry to build dashboards and dynamic visualization solutions that provide decision-makers with real insights when and where they need it. We apply best practices to optimize the user experience, eliminate silos, and improve productivity. Our experts design algorithms, analytics, and benchmarks to uncover additional insights that give you a competitive advantage. NEOS partners with your business, data, and technology teams to convert insights into action.

  • Emerging Technology

    While today’s market offers extraordinary technical capabilities, realizing practical business objectives through the innovative and disciplined application of emerging technologies is a challenge. We help you achieve your strategic objectives by taking a value-based approach to utilizing various game-changing technologies, such as cloud services, artificial intelligence (AI), sensors and telematics, cyber security, and intelligent automation. Our informed, practical approach to leveraging emerging technology delivers solutions that drive real business value for your organization.

  • Automation

    Manual processes are a barrier to improving claims, underwriting, submission, service operations, fraud detection, and other critical Insurance and Financial Services processes. We use our deep industry expertise and extensive business process savvy to design effective intelligent automation solutions. We leverage our skills in machine learning, mining unstructured data from images and raw text, and Intelligent Automation to apply the right technologies to solve underlying problems. To effectively implement straight-through-processing and streamline operations, our combination of business process optimization and appropriate technologies achieves results.