Business process excellence reimagined.
Gain a competitive edge by seeing your processes as business assets.

Process efficiency can make or break your business. Using provocative yet proven methodologies to expose underlying cause and effect, our business process excellence experts identify areas for improved productivity, cycle times, and quality to put you a step ahead.

“We have found NEOS’ versatility, speed, and expertise to be extraordinary.”

– CIO of World’s Leading Credit Ratings Company

  • Process Design

    Our experts assess the business factors driving the need to establish a new process or set of processes. They gain a deep understanding of your current state and conduct an extensive assessment–documenting baseline metrics and defining process rules–of what is required to achieve your desired outcomes. From there, a combination of individual interviews and group rapid design sessions establish the criteria for “bottom up” and “top down” analysis to prioritize future state wants and needs. We help you:


    • Focus on institutionalization of controls across process and system
    • Pinpoint achievable deliverables and rapid success to act on quickly
    • Dramatically reduce lengthy deployment schedules
  • Process Redesign & Optimization

    With a focus on your unique competitive differentiators, we help sharpen your distinctive strengths by improving the existing processes most aligned to your business objectives–and prioritizing investments that generate the most value to your business. Our business process re-engineering experts assist you in realizing rapid initial returns as well as outlining a long-term game plan based on sustainable process designs, smart deployment of automation, and right-sized organizational adjustments. By using our unique optimization methods and our exclusive FutureWeek℠ Rapid Process Redesign, we help you:

    • Identify time & money leaks
    • Evaluate effectiveness of process investments
    • Apply quick-hit patches that support your focus on long-term goals
  • Process Implementation & Delivery

    Implement your future state processes according to your long-term game plan by leveraging our consultants as your A-list execution team. Our streamlined approach conforms to the realities of your business, ensuring that your implementation journey is free of project management, technology development or organizational change speed bumps–from vision to completion.

  • Business Process Outsourcing

    A variety of events–including acquisitions, divestitures, and strategic partnerships–present an array of temporary, time-sensitive business scenarios that can challenge your existing teams and processes. These circumstances and the tasks which they create require a workforce with special or focused talent and expertise. Facing spikes in demand for support leaves many organizations confronting the question of how to support the “business unusual.” With deep expertise in managing these events within Life, Retirement, Annuities, and Employee Benefits, our teams work as an extension of your own organization and provide scalable resources for focused business processes and tasks.

  • Robotic Process Automation

    Use robotics technologies to activate and orchestrate your daily business functions in compelling, innovative ways. From processing new business applications to day-to-day customer service interaction, more and more organizations are using robotic process automation to realize optimal scale, efficiency, and accuracy required to establish a competitive edge. We use the contextual knowledge gained by our deep industry expertise and our extensive business processing savvy to apply robotics in your day-to-day operations effectively. With an understanding of your business vision, we analyze your processes, identify optimal robotics automation candidates, and create a tailored implementation roadmap suited for your specific needs that deliver business value at every point in the journey; we help you:

    • Reduce manual workload by up to 50%

    • Reduce average handling times and increase productivity

    • Improve client experience and satisfaction
    • Mitigate risk and ensure stronger compliance

    Use your business processes to drive your strategy, not impede it.