Select a System like a Pro

A NEOS Whitepaper

Select a SystemSystem selection is often the first approach to tackling business pain. With all the new software and emerging technologies out there, it is tempting to try jumping in and buying a new system. Jumping too quickly to a technology solution can expose your company to unnecessary risk and additional pain from selecting the wrong system, solving the wrong problem, or the failure of users to adopt the system. By first examining the current systems that support processes in question and ideating the best way to get that work done, stakeholders can ensure any solution will solve their problem with the added benefit of simultaneously developing criteria that will guide them to select a system successfully if it is needed.

This whitepaper explains how NEOS’s proprietary FutureWeek™ solution can be useful in conjunction with our lens-based system selection approach in choosing the system best aligned with your organization’s needs. The diagram below illustrates the major steps to take along the way, from Strategy and Business Linkage all the way through Plan and Implement.