Webinar to be Held for Insurance Professionals on Harvesting Value from Closed Blocks of Business

Webinar to be Held for Insurance Professionals on Harvesting Value from Closed Blocks of Business

NEOS LLC, a business consulting and technology services firm with unparalleled experience in business and technology transformation efforts, announces the availability of a free webinar on “Harvesting Value from Closed Blocks” on September 25, 2013 at 1 pm EST.

NEOS CEO, Ernst Renner, to partner with Acadia,s Executive Managing Director, Rick Calderon, and Kiri Parankirinathan ASA, MAAA, MA, MS President, Life Product Developers and Chief Operating Officer, Melaneus Premier Financial Systems. The three will provide Life and Annuity professionals tips and best practices for managing closed blocks of business.

Closed blocks of business can represent a cost and resource burden for many life and annuity companies. Typically, it becomes a factor when faced with acquisition, system modernization or allocating resources to develop new products or markets. This “burden” can represent a path to value as well, but how do you harvest that value?

There are several options available to most companies, ranging from moving to strategic platforms to divesting the business. The issue is that it is not a “one size fits all” proposition. Dealing with a portfolio requires a precise strategy. Ernst and Rick will discuss different approaches for resolving the disposition of closed blocks of business. They will present methods for determining the best approach and how to execute to that plan.

This is the first of a series of webinars that NEOS will host focusing on a variety of topics within the financial services, insurance and information media industries. Ann Woods, Communications Director at NEOS LLC, says “The webinars are an exciting opportunity to show the depth of NEOS, expertise while interacting with other professionals in the industry. Our goal is to share valuable insight from our firm to other industry professionals.” The webinars will include experts from across industries to maximize value to attendees.

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Melaneus Premier Financial Systems (MPFS) was established by Kiri Parankirinathan, ASA, MAAA and Victor Bertolozzi, FSA in May, 2007 to enable insurers to illustrate and administer insurance policies. The systems can accommodate any life insurance and annuity product. The system currently administers registered variable universal life, private placement variable universal life and private placement annuities offered in the individual market as well as corporate market for offshore companies and domestic companies.