NEOS to Speak at NYOUG’s Spring General Meeting

NEOS to Speak at NYOUG’s Spring General Meeting

NEOS’ Rob Nocera will explain his experience with ADF.

Rob Nocera, Partner at Vgo Software/NEOS, will deliver his presentation on “Drinking the Kool Aid – How I became an ADF believer” at the New York Oracle Users’ Group (NYOUG) spring meeting on March 12. The meeting is one of the organization’s annual events to exchange ideas, assistance and support among users of Oracle software products.

Nocera’s presentation will cover Oracle’s Application Development Framework (ADF) and the benefits provided if the right organization or the right developer takes advantage of all ADF has to offer. Nocera will discuss pros and cons of ADF from a Java perspective by explaining his background and his approach when beginning to work with ADF. The presentation best suits those considering ADF as an architecture.

“I talk a lot about myself during this presentation because I want to explain my point of view and where I am coming from. As a developer, I would typically choose a path with more control, which is not always a good thing. I opened my eyes to the possibilities of ADF programming, the great productivity boosts that allow you to concentrate on the 20% of the application that is complex and leave the 80% of the routine stuff to the framework. I want people to take away from this presentation what ADF can do for them if it is the right fit,” says Nocera.

Nocera has previously spoken at NYOUG’s spring meeting and other oracle user group conferences. Nocera is currently a partner at NEOS and Vgo software, which he co-founded in 2001. Since the establishment of the companies, Nocera has led many tools-assisted modernization efforts for global corporations.


The New York Oracle Users Group (NYOUG) was founded in 1984 for the exchange of ideas, assistance and support among users of Oracle software products. The organization consists solely of volunteer users, consultants and vendors of Oracle-related products and services. The organization holds four meetings a year and provides newsletters that feature both technical and business-oriented information from a variety of sources.

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