NEOS Announces Karna Trautman as Head of Strategy and Transformation

Hartford, CT, August 27, 2019 – NEOS, a management consulting and delivery services firm specializing in insurance and financial services, today announced that their Strategy and Transformation group will now be under the leadership of industry veteran, Karna Trautman. Karna’s focus will be to provide overarching strategic and innovative services to clients.

Prior to joining NEOS, Karna served as the chief sales, product, and financial administration officer at Brightpeak Financial, where she led strategy and execution, digital customer experience, innovation, the financial advice framework, products, and the journey platform.

The NEOS Strategy and Transformation practice helps clients enhance the consumer experience by architecting and building capabilities that transform both the way an organization works and the technology it uses to meet evolving customer demands. The team applies decades of industry experience to help financial organizations deliver products and services that sharpen a competitive edge in an increasingly consumer-driven market. Karna will continue to grow NEOS’ global footprint.

“NEOS’ strong growth the past several years has been a direct result of the exceptional people in our organization and we are thrilled to have Karna as part of our team,” says Ernst Renner, NEOS’ chief executive officer and managing partner. “Karna’s experience in the global insurance and financial services industry will allow us to grow our strategy offerings into the pre-issue and front office business of our insurance carriers, with a special focus on innovative distribution channels and integration with financial advisors and their platforms. Her team will partner with our clients to transform their businesses.”

The addition of deep industry knowledge, top tier talent, and continuous innovation in its practices have propelled NEOS’ significant growth in the past several years.

About NEOS:
NEOS is a recognized leader in helping global Insurance and Financial Services organizations drive transformative change. Specializing in Life, Annuities, Retirement, Employee Benefits, and Wealth Management, NEOS provides management consulting and delivery services that enable clients to solve strategy, distribution, operations, data, and technology challenges.
For more information about NEOS, visit www.neosllc.com.