NEOS® to Host Webinar on Ensuring Project Value

NEOS, a management consulting and technology services firm, will host a webinar “Can Your Project be Saved?” on March 30th at 11am EST.Carla Gregory, Senior Principal at NEOS, and Randall (Randy) Love, VP Retirement Division and Shared Services IT at Symetra, will discuss how to evaluate a project’s actual and potential vulnerabilities. The speakers will guide attendees through a self-assessment that will provide a project vulnerability score and discuss best practices to mitigate the level of risk each project contains.During the webinar survey results from an online questionnaire answered by business professionals in various industries will be revealed and analyzed. The survey asked participants to rank factors that led to projects delivering poor business benefits.

“Anyone with an inflight or upcoming project will benefit from this webinar,” says Carla Gregory, Senior Principal with NEOS.  “Every project has risk. The key to mitigating that risk is to get ahead of it and know what you are up against in order to plan accordingly. We want to make sure everyone has the tools they need to avoid cost overrun and delays. This webinar is one way to provide those tools to business professionals.”

This webinar is part of a series of NEOS hosted webinars focusing on a variety of topics within the financial services, insurance and information media industries.  Previous webinars have addressed topics such as gaining value from closed block portfolios, leveraging processes to reduce operational risk and the use of actionable key performance indicators.  The webinar series includes experts from across industries to maximize value to attendees.