NEOS Runs Workshop at Operational Excellence in Financial Services Conference

NEOS®, a management consulting firm that helps insurers innovate business solutions to legacy challenges, announced today that representatives from the company will run the preconference workshop, Optimizing Data and Information Management Processes, at the Operational Excellence in Financial Services Conference in New York on Monday March 9th, 2015.

Ernst Renner, Managing Partner, and Carla Gregory, Senior Principal, will lead the workshop to discuss how to apply the same management principles to data that are used to manage other corporate assets. The discussion will cover how to identify what is needed, strategy development, the integration of data, knowledge and information management systems and various other topics within the data and information management space.

Workshops are intended to offer the delegates the chance to dive deep into the issues that can make the biggest difference in their organizations. Delegates will have the opportunity to brainstorm solutions with other attendees and work through solutions with experts in the industry leading the workshop.

“We are looking forward to this opportunity to present a practical and current view on data management and the management of data as a critical corporate asset.  We will review data management as a business practice, curating data properly for accurate business analysis and how data is used within control process and in highly regulated industries,” says Renner.

As a whole, the Operational Excellence in Financial Services Conference strives to provide resources and guidance toward increasing operational excellence for the financial services industry. This year’s theme is about seeing operational excellence as enterprise-wide ‘habits’ and how to ingrain them within large complex organizations.