Consulting services and solutions for life insurers.

Sharpen your competitive edge by tapping into the full potential of your data and operational efficiencies. Our business and technology experts possess decades of experience navigating regulatory constraints, growing competition, and pressure to contain costs that face life insurance companies today. Using provocative yet proven methodologies, we examine your organization from a holistic perspective, revealing opportunities to reduce costs and drive growth that conform specifically to your organization.

“NEOS had the perfect blend of technical depth and business sense to deliver what was needed for our [database management] project.”


— CIO, Global Life Insurance Company



Increase Sales

Become more client-focused and less product-focused by effectively mining your data platforms to support sales efforts. Our creative digital innovation strategies that conform to your business align your products with customer desires.

Accelerate Product Development

Implement defined, practical, repeatable processes that promote cooperation between marketing, actuarial, legal, PMO and IT teams throughout development and approval. Our proven tools help you accurately evaluate the value of potential products and determine if market forecast is being realized.

Streamline Claims Handling

Increase your underwriters’ ability to prove out claims faster and more cost-efficiently. Reduce your risk of claims payment delays. Our comprehensive evaluation of your claims process can reveal unseen inefficiencies that we help you repair.

Lower Costs

Reduce the overspend associated with inefficient processes, legacy systems and divergent departmental goals. When all teams are working toward a shared future state vision, you are able to trim waste and set up new processes for cost efficiency from inception. Our staff-centric life insurance consulting services bring all parties into alignment.

Modernize Systems

Unifying disparate systems speeds your agents’ ability to answer questions and process requests. We help you determine your true modernization needs and how to achieve the transition with minimum disruption and cost.

Elevate Customer Experience

Reduce your exposure to legal action and regulatory complaints by implementing processes that enable you to respond to customers quickly and thoroughly. Via deliberate system modernization and robotic process automation, you can reduce the system constraints that frustrate agents and lead to customer churn.


Solutions Designed for Life Insurance Companies

Life insurance consulting solutions with a laser focus on achieving measurable–and lasting–results:

  • FASTFlex Rapid Product Development
  • Product Scorecard
  • Data Lakes Accelerator
  • Data Governance Accelerator
  • FASTFlex Modeling and Prototyping
  • FutureFirst Technology Scorecard
  • FutureWeek℠ Rapid Process Design