Consulting services and solutions for a changing insurance industry.

The evolving demands placed on today’s insurers create an opportunity to deliver products and services that showcase your company’s true differentiators. To achieve this, your organization must be efficient, agile, and data-driven.

Insurance Industry Challenges

How can you accelerate the rollout of products tailored to specific customers? How can you streamline back office operations to facilitate faster claims processing? How can you modernize your technology platforms without interrupting workflow? The ideal strategy to address each of these challenges is as unique as your business.

How NEOS Helps

Drawing on decades of insurance expertise, NEOS advises on, designs, and delivers new strategies and solutions to help you overcome operational, regulatory, and technology challenges and realize the full potential of your business.

Fact: Nearly 70% of projects fail to deliver the anticipated business benefit. NEOS helps you create a clear line of sight between your initiatives and your business objectives. Learn more about our unique Program Value Assurance solution. >


Update your operational processes and technology models to create more customer-centric products and services.


Pensions & Retirement

Increase efficiency and value perception to attract customers and retain them long-term.


Employee Benefits

Develop group plans that help employers navigate changing regulations while creating products that match consumer preferences.


Property & Casualty

Improve accuracy, accelerate claims handling and increase revenues by modernizing your IT infrastructure and capitalizing on your data assets.



Speed product development and increase customer satisfaction by basing decisions on reliable assessment tools.


Utilize an integrated set of innovative insurance consulting solutions that adapt to your organization.

Technology Modernization

Instead of converting to an entirely new solution that risks throwing your company into chaos, implement a technology modernization strategy that addresses your specific business needs. Discover the difference between the areas in which you should invest immediately and what your organization can continue to tolerate, so you enact a modernization plan that integrates seamlessly with your workflow.

Strategy & Operations

Crack the code of operational efficiency and effective change management by leveraging your organization’s strengths while drafting clear, easy to implement strategies that address your challenges. Customized solutions that merge seamlessly with your company culture improve the health of your company, leading to elevated profitability.

Business Process Excellence

Identify and capitalize on your organization’s unique competitive advantage. Our proprietary insurance consulting tools such as FutureWeek℠ help you achieve consensus and establish immediate forward momentum as you design an achievable future state for your business.

Data Science & Engineering

Keep pace with emerging trends and marketplace opportunities by evolving the way your organization collects, analyzes and capitalizes on your data assets. Equip your agents, underwriters and marketing teams with valuable information that helps them perform their jobs more quickly and reach customers more effectively.

Project & Program Management

Despite the best efforts of stakeholders, steering committees and sponsors, insurance companies struggle to struggle to launch, control and manage projects that achieve measurable business benefit. In fact, it is estimated that nearly one third of projects will be canceled in-flight. Using our unique Project Value Assurance solution to de-risk your program initiatives and maximize ROI, we establish and maintain a clear connection between objectives and outcomes – from program inception to completion.

Services Overview