I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends: Why You Should Consider Leveraging an Industry Partner

By: Hannah Cooper, Senior Analyst

As the song goes, “I get by with a little help from my friends”.

Think of an industry partner as a friend or comrade with a high level of expertise, capacity, objectivity, and agility to deliver a successful implementation for your organization. Consider this friend as an extension of your organization whose mission is to help achieve the desired end state.

Many organizations have process redesign initiatives. These companies and their employees are brilliant at executing and delivering on their business initiatives; however, embarking on a redesign of any sort is usually outside of their core competencies, plagued with limited capacity to lead the effort, and in most cases falls beyond their comfort zone.

Leveraging the right industry partner offers comfort to your organization knowing they have the industry knowledge to ensure the project is successful. There are three critical characteristics that a partner can bring to the table:


Internal staff members can be caught up in emotions, departmental behaviors, or are simply too close to the issue to see the solution. An industry partner offers an outside unbiased perspective. Knowing that a redesign can extend beyond the process, to include the people and technology as underlying impacts to one another, partners will approach each situation holistically to ensure the surrounding landscape is analyzed for impact. A partner is invested in the overall outcome and will not execute with a siloed departmental approach.

Deep Expertise

Partners bring industry-leading skills that are typically not found internally to an organization. They also bring proven methods and processes across multiple practice areas. They can offer value combinations that may have been overlooked as many organizations view process initiatives as siloed deliverables. Partners inherently can offer product innovation, service, and system readiness and project assessments alongside a process redesign. Their goal is to aid in the achievement of complete optimization in the process redesign.


Partnering with a third party means immediate engagement due to their skilled resource pool. They can move through internal barriers quickly and effectively by leveraging best practices, industry and project expertise, with little involvement in the organization’s behavior, there shouldn’t be much to tie them down. Partners are on-demand, scaling the solution based on budget, duration, and deliverables. They also bring with them best practices, applying lessons learned while supporting other clients who have approached similar undertakings.

Engaging with the right industry partner early in an organization’s decision to embark on a process redesign is critical. Partners will work to thoroughly understand the initiative, impacts, and deliverables to determine and recommend the most appropriate solution(s). They are also valuable should the redesign need to be right-sized or refocused given an internal-only effort that may be struggling to deliver.

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