How Insurers can Improve the Value of the Data they give their Agents

Insurers want to provide their agents better data but are stymied by limited data availability, legacy systems, and poor understanding. Watch this webcast to learn ways to get past these challenges and provide better data.

Steve Leigh, Managing Consultant
Mr. Leigh has worked for 25 years in the insurance industry developing ways to increase business value using various technologies. He has worked primarily with life and annuity products, bridging the gap between IT and operations with deployments of new administration systems, electronic forms, electronic underwriting, business process outsourcing, sales software, CRM, and other key technologies. More recently, Mr. Leigh has worked as an industry analyst, advising insurers, and industry vendors on major trends and making recommendations to grow successfully while reducing costs. Mr. Leigh is a seasoned business strategist with a keen eye on trends and technologies to help insurers achieve success.