How Do You Build a Culture of Enablement?

By: Prasad Eswara, Senior Manager

The dictionary definition of enablement is “the process of making someone able to do something or making something possible.” A culture of enablement is a culture of inclusiveness and independence.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, ensuring that your company is constantly adjusting to challenges instead of periodically reacting is pivotal. There is an important difference between simply dealing with whatever comes your way and working with a plan to proactively analyze, understand, learn, and adjust.

Command and control have become obsolete. When something goes wrong in a waterfall organization, the only thing left to do is to control the damage. You can lose resources, lose business, and put the company into a recovery mode.

An organization that can continually react and responds to change is one that is spontaneous, adaptable, and resilient. As a manager, you allow people to take risks while also educating them on how to deal and handle them as well. You make growth easier, you don’t force it. You don’t give the answers; instead, you ask questions while working in a state of total focus where collaboration is seamless and every action, every decision arises from the last.

An organization’s flow is critical because you need to learn new things quickly to keep up-to-date with exponential growth. Flow allows you to absorb, synthesize, and integrate information. This method is responsible for the creative process. Thus, while everyone else is driven to distraction, people in flow adapt and perform on another level.

The three main skills for radical change are learning, motivation, and creativity. You build a culture of empowerment by promoting the right values: thoughtfulness, openness, collaboration, risk-taking, fantastic recruitment and retention, training, and cohesiveness.

Does your organization practice an agile culture of enablement?

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