Get to know Edward Wiener, an Architect here at NEOS, what he is most excited about regarding the future of the Fin Serv and Insurance industries (looking at you AI!), and his take on #LifeatNEOS

Tell me a little bit about what you do for NEOS and our clients

I work on NEOS-led data lake implementations for clients in the financial services and insurance industries. My day typically consists of a blend of architecting solutions to data challenges, hands-on software development, team mentorship, and extensive interaction with our client sponsors and counterparts. Our team leverages a wide range of technologies, including the Hadoop Stack, Spark, Java, Python, Talend, Apache NiFi, and many others.

What are you most excited for regarding the future of the Financial Services and Insurance Industries?

In my view, financial services and insurance are avid adopters of the same IT trends that I’m most enthusiastic about, specifically around the use of cloud, AI, and Big Data technologies. The volumes of data generated today are so vast that all but the smallest companies in the industry are involved in Big Data. Likewise, the cloud services offered by the likes of AWS and Azure are so compelling that the case for on-prem workloads becomes weaker by the day; and, finally, whether it involves natural language processing of customer feedback, fraud detection or analyzing drone footage of roof damage, AI in its many forms is a present and rapidly growing phenomenon in the financial services and insurance space.

What is the most memorable gift you’ve received and why?

The most memorable gift I’ve ever received arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day 2019. It is a comic strip-like rendering of the main events of our life together – beginning with our first date, moving on to our wedding, and proceeding to the births of our children – little vignettes painted in vivid detail with exquisite taste and artistic liberty. And all I got her was a pair of shoes, albeit nice ones!

What is your favorite thing about #LifeatNEOS?

My favorite thing about #LifeatNEOS is our company’s deftness in hiring employees of high intellectual caliber with deep expertise in financial services, insurance, technology, and data. These are numerate and articulate people and, as someone taught from an early age to look upon learning with reverence, I try to lean on my fellow NEOS team members to fill gaps in my own experience. In short, it is a privilege to work with smart people.

What are your top 3 life highlights?

In chronological order, these would be:

1. Coming to America (I’m an immigrant from the ex-Soviet Union)

2. Meeting my wife

3. The birth of my children

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