By leveraging our provocative and market-proven consulting services be the first to adapt to industry disruptors.

The opportunities and challenges for wealth managers has never been greater. Our interdisciplinary team of process designers, business experts, and creators of customer experience will work with you to build an agile ecosystem with a contemporary data strategy, innovative technology, and intelligent workforce to find new ways to create value for your customers.

“We have found NEOS’ versatility, speed, and expertise to be extraordinary.”

– CIO of World’s Leading Credit Ratings Company

  • Position for Growth

    The scope and pace of change within the industry have reached new levels. Industry incumbents face fierce competition from low cost, high-tech market entrants who are unburdened by legacy issues. NEOS can help you with a tailored strategy to best leverage digitized operations and a unique client experience as levers for competitive capacity.

  • Attract Talent

    Bring in contemporary analytics and leading-edge deal management tools to attract and power your advisors. With access to market insights, innovative products, and intimate knowledge of their customers, advisers will be able to outperform the competition in addressing the unique behaviors and desires of the new generation of consumers. Our customer experience and technology modernization services will translate your vision into an actionable roadmap.

  • Optimize Operations

    Implement technology that is scalable, cost-efficient, and prepared for future developments in the market. Leverage automation technology to reduce costs and increase reliability, strengthening you for a more competitive position in the market. Our modern data management practice stays on top of the latest in engineering principles and technology to ensure you have the best technology there is.

  • Create an Agile Organization

    Build your organization to adapt quickly, efficiently, and structurally to keep up with market trends and facilitate growth. Technology and data alone are no longer enough to stay ahead of the game. Through incremental or transformational adoption of an agile delivery model, your enterprise will be able to maximize investments in technology and data by effectively identifying and responding to new opportunities quicker than the competition.

  • Deliver Transparency and Mitigate Risk

    Prepare your organization for a changing regulatory environment by building your foundation on contemporary data models. This structured approach to data management will grant you greater control over your data, enabling more robust risk management, and greater ease in providing transparency. Take advantage of advanced analytics within this modern infrastructure to identify new customers, new product opportunities, and understand your organizational performance to enhance your strategy.