In the world of ratings, only true experts and practitioners can add value. As a niche provider, we know your business intimately, and we understand what it takes to be the leader.

Protect your reputation by developing efficient, automated processes to eliminate human error, including new issuance and surveillance. Guarantee quality and timeliness of your ratings and research by tying contemporary data management capabilities into a modern ERM framework and an overarching information strategy. Accomplish this by utilizing expertly built business workflows, document strategy, future-fit technology, and an understanding of relevant data sets including corporates, banks, structured finance, public finance, government entities, and market data. Using provocative yet proven methodologies, NEOS overhauls your data management systems and manual processes, enabling you to stake a claim on the cutting edge of the market.

“We have found NEOS’ versatility, speed, and expertise to be extraordinary.”


– CIO of World’s Leading Credit Ratings Company

  • Accelerate Speed to Market

    Establish a modern data architecture to support greater information sharing capabilities within your organization, allowing for faster analysis and speed to market. We can identify critical points for updating your current data and information management systems to help leverage these opportunities for process improvement.

  • Lower Costs

    Update inefficient processes, modernize legacy systems, and form an enterprise data management strategy that can reduce waste and cut costs. Our staff is skilled at identifying strategic opportunities for cost-cutting improvements, including maximizing your current capabilities.

  • Streamline Research Publishing Processes

    With a clear document strategy, automation tools in place, and easily accessible quality data, you can more efficiently create and publish your research ahead of the competition. Our comprehensive evaluation of your research publishing process can reveal unseen inefficiencies that we can help you repair.

  • Claim Your Stake of the Market

    Efficient operations, future-fit technology, and data infrastructure will enable you to gain an edge over the competition. NEOS can help identify key areas for investment to push you to be your most competitive self.