Transform your business to be more competitive in the digital age, improve customer experience, and minimize risk.

Legacy systems and inefficient processes can create insurmountable operating costs that can hinder your business and cause significant disruption. NEOS delivers a plan to digitize your front-end operations and improve the customer experience while incrementally retiring legacy systems.

“Quality improved, redundancies were eliminated, staff was engaged, costs were reduced, and business operations were optimized – a complete success.”


– EVP of International Business Operations, Global Insurance Company

  • Rapid Transformation

    Prioritize the digitization of your front-end operations and rapidly implement new technology to bring maximum benefits to your customers. NEOS helps to identify where your cost and efficiency are most impacted by outdated systems and software to transform them quickly and position your business for growth.

  • Minimize Risk

    The execution of multiyear initiatives brings significant risks, costs, and rarely results in timely delivery. NEOS’ approach minimizes risk by identifying critical opportunities for quick improvement to your front-end operations to bring immediate results to your organization. We then develop a roadmap to continually modernize your back-office by surgically updating legacy systems at moments when they will cause the least disruption.

  • Change Management

    Large scale changes within a financial services organization often encounter significant barriers with employee adoption. NEOS specializes in helping to ensure that technology and business modernization efforts are perceived as an opportunity to transform the organization. Our proven methodology allows you to leverage your change initiative, retool your skillset, rejuvenate your workforce, and transform into a stronger, more agile business.