Drive Your Change to the Finish Line

Racecars are designed and built to handle the three D’s (Downforce, Drag, and Drafting) and to lessen the resistance. The racecar driver knows her car, knows the track, trusts her pit crew and has strategies for dealing with challenges during the race to reduce resistance along the way. When it comes to changing an organization, just like racing a car, speed and agility are key and resistance is guaranteed. If you do not have the right mechanics in place, the right driver steering your car and a trusted pit crew, it will cost you time and budget, and the rewards of the change you were hoping to gain may not come to fruition.

How can you speed up adoption and get employees cheering your efforts to change the organization from the start of your race to the finish line? Where does the rubber meet the road for reaching the finish line smoothly, swiftly and waving the winning, black checkered flag? There are three essential tips to accelerate acceptance and reduce resistance to change, from the starting gate to the finish line.NEOS consultants have worked on projects across the insurance industry.  Our people have over 100 years combined experience working in the annuity and insurance spaces.  One thing our recent experiences have made clear is that the upcoming months will have opportunities and obstacles, and they won’t be what they were last year.  This paper identifies four of the biggest trends that will make the ensuing months great, and four of the biggest impediments to watch out for.

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