Creating an Agile Human Resources Department

By: Prasad Eswara, Senior Manager

In 2001, the agile methodology was launched as a framework for enhancing the creation and rollout of new software. An agile organization works in small teams, collects feedback, and adapts swiftly. The largest and fastest growing corporations in the world that embrace agile are the ones that create their own vision of agile.

Why Agile Human Resources Teams Perform Better

First, an agile organization hires well. Without bureaucracy, people can easily be interviewed, introduced to the team, and ensure that they share the same values.

Secondly, an agile working method is the focus, aiming at maximum efficiency and producing results quickly. Agile is a customer-centered environment. Small cross-functional teams are closer to customers, making it easier to understand customer requirements, comply with patterns, and develop innovative solutions. In short cycles, teams get the ultimate feedback from the consumer.

In brainstorming sessions, sparring, and knowledge generation, agile teams thrive. The flat organizational structure makes it easier for strong cohesive groups to communicate and form. Most agile companies stopped using the annual assessment plan. It is no longer justified to make big plans for a whole business year, in which many things can change. In agile companies, the focus is on providing valuable feedback as close to real-time as possible. Annual performance and evaluation plans are inflexible and limit creativity.

How Can You Transform Your Human Resources Department Using Agile?

1. Give continuous performance feedback

2. Make the review of performance shorter, creative, and more inspiring. Employees must leave the meeting with a “to do list ” and not feel frustrated and discouraged

3. Facilitate as many learning experiences as you can: training, coaching, workshops, industry events, all that inspires your teams

4. Replace the annual wage increase with a performance bonus when an impactful project is successfully completed

While the agile methodology is not new in IT, it’s permeation to other business departments is. Is your organization using agile in human resources and hiring? We would love to hear more about your transformation stories.


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