Change Management: Five Divine Principles in Practice

An estimated 70% of initiatives fail to deliver on their promised business value because of poor change management, not poor project management. Yes, 70%!  Like Project Management, Change Management is a process. It has a set of tools, knowledge, and skills to enable an organization to achieve its business goals. Research has shown simply following steps in a change management process or having that “one-size-fits all” approach doesn’t work. What’s the key to keeping your initiative among the successful 30%? It’s a matter of investing in the people side of change by consistently applying the Five Divine Guiding Principles of change management.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:


What the 5 divine principles of change management are


What happens when they are not at the heart of your strategy


Download the whitepaper to start integrating NEOS’ 5 divine change management principles into your strategy.