You won’t be making coffee in this internship… unless you want some!


Who You’ll Work With:

As a Research Intern you will join NEOS to work as a member of our INSURANCE OPERATIONS team to conduct deep, industry related research. When you join NEOS, you will be challenged daily and work alongside top-notch professionals who will INVEST IN YOUR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. As one of the INDUSTRY’S LEADING CONSULTING FIRMS, NEOS REVOLUTIONIZES data and business strategies for Insurance, Financial Services, and Information services leaders – and helps PROPEL BUSINESS INTO THE FUTURE.


What You’ll Do:

You’ll work independently as a VALUED resource within the INSURANCE OPERATIONS practice of NEOS. This includes taking initial direction from leadership on R&D topics, CONDUCTING RESEARCH, ANALYZING DATA, SUMMARIZING FINDINGS and WRITING “THOUGHT PIECES” for presentation to the Executive Leadership Team. YOU ARE ON THE FRONT-LINES working with our executives to bring innovative research and development products to light.


What You’ll Get:

By the end of the summer you will have NEW RELATIONSHIPS for your network, solid RESEARCH SKILLS and REFERENCEABLE WORK EXPERIENCE.You’ll receive EXCEPTIONAL TRAINING, in-the-moment coaching, MENTORINGfrom our leaders, and a PEER PARTNER that supports your success every step of the way.

Here's The Details:

Our Intern program gives undergraduate students and graduate students first-hand experience in the world of consulting.

What You Look Like:

You're in your junior year of an undergrad program with an expected graduation date of December 2020 or May 2021. Or you're currently in grad school pursuing an advanced degree in business, data analytics, or information technology.


Our Headquarters in Hartford, CT.

How Long?

Roughly 10 weeks depending on your school schedule.