Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff ensures streamlined activities and processes within the NEOS organization based on the priorities of the CEO. The Chief of Staff will handle day to day management of issues and activities as assigned, allowing the CEO to focus on growing the business. The Chief of Staff enables leadership success by creating and maintaining cross-practice, employee, partner, and client relationships under the direction of the CEO.

Major Job Responsibilities:

Direct Support of the CEO

  • • At the discretion of the CEO, assist in setting priorities and cascading them appropriately.
  • • Help define and maintain areas of focus by creating a framework and governance process
  • • Working with an assistant to strategically manage CEO’s time. Use long term travel calendar to evaluate opportunities and determine how they may fit with priorities.
  • • Review upcoming meetings to ensure that the CEO has all the information needed to be as productive as possible. Sending out agendas or documents to meeting attendees as necessary. Work across ELT and extended team to ensure that preparatory materials for conferences, client visits, etc. are provided.
  • • Work with executives to draft company emails, newsletters, speeches, and presentations for the CEO.
  • • Take notes during meetings that the CEO attends and make sure that action items from those meetings are executed.
  • • Communicate wants and needs from the CEO to NEOS team members in an effective and efficient manner
  • • Acting as a gatekeeper as needed, ensuring a CEO’s involvement in a project or decision-making process at the right moment.
Meeting & Event Preparation
  • • Manage the meeting cadence for the leadership teams, ensuring that materials are sent in advance, time is well spent, and objectives are achieved.
  • • Ensure that the CEO is prepared for critical speaking engagements and meetings with client or partner executives, corporations, and potential investors.
  • • Work with marketing to ensure CEO is presenting or representing NEOS at priority events.
Project Management
  • • Oversee large and often cross-functional or organization-wide projects or initiatives.
  • • Bring together multiple stakeholders and help drive decisions.
  • • Research, benchmark, and analyze data in order to make recommendations.
  • • Create systems and processes to streamline operations.
Strategic Planning
  • • Coordinate annual strategic planning for the company.
  • • Participate in strategic planning by driving action on initiatives and measuring follow through.
  • • Create & update dashboards for reviewing key performance indicators. Monitor and report utilization.
Hiring and Management
  • • For roles reporting to the CEO, draft job descriptions and hiring profiles, outline an interview process, and then work with Talent Manager to screen candidates.
  • • Working with the office of CEO team management to hire and directly manage others in the office of the CEO. This may include the Office Manager, executive assistants, special projects managers, and speech writers, among other positions.
HR / Outsourcing Liaison
  • • Job descriptions and maintenance of job families
  • • Annual bonus program and salary band adjustments
  • • Maintain salary grid and target bonus amounts as new hires join
  • • Facilitate annual salary and bonus discussions amongst the ELT
  • • Partner with external HR provider to ensure robust HR program at NEOS
  • • Align with Talent Manager on people, programs, and engagement
  • • Support Talent Manager in terminations of employment

Core Skills and Competencies:

  • • Discretion, organization, efficiency, judgment, respect for confidentiality
  • • Relationship builder, people oriented, able to work with different styles and personality types
  • • Think ahead, anticipate needs and issues
  • • Conflict resolution and negotiation
  • • Client centric view, understanding of consulting as both an industry and an operating model
  • • Proven track record of working effectively with senior management
  • • Able to work strategically and collaboratively across teams and departments
  • • Effective, versatile, and action/results-oriented
  • • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • • Able to assess the “must know” information, convey it concisely, and take action where appropriate based on leadership direction
  • • Polished, professional presence with excellent relationship-building and communication skills
  • • Inspires confidence and trust among the NEOS team
  • • Self-directed, able to set own priorities in alignment with company direction and communicate priorities to others
  • • Demonstrates effective and sound judgment and decision-making
  • • Resourceful and tenacious in driving results and problem solving
  • • Flexible and adaptable to changing business conditions, client demands, and company priorities
  • • Must be high energy with a positive attitude
  • Preferred:
  • • Experience as a consultant
  • • Experience with financial services or insurance
  • • Experience in a growing entrepreneurial business environment