A Resolution You Can Keep

Do you struggle to keep your New Year’s resolutions? If you are anything like most people, you make numerous resolutions, keep them for a week or so, and don’t think about them again until the next time we ring in a new year. Nonetheless, we have one resolution you can actually keep.
Ready for it? Effectively communicating the business value of your project. This is one resolution that will increase your team’s efficiency, raise group morale, increase motivation, and maintain support for the project. We’ve got three tips to make communicating your project’s value to the organization your New Year’s resolution to keep this year.

1. Have a measurable and specific goal. Instead of saying, “I’m going to communicate more about the value of this project with my team,” try saying instead, “I’m going to communicate with my project team at least twice a week about how we are measuring against the end goal of insert your value driver here for the business.” By being specific, you provide yourself the ability to track progress. You may even find that more or less communication is more appropriate, or you need separate metrics for different audiences that need to be communicated with. The point is, put a number value to your resolution so you can’t subjectively assume you are achieving your goal.

2. Write your goal down. Display your goal in a prominent personal space such as a sticky note on your computer or somewhere on your desk. This way, your goal will become ingrained in your subconscious. Instead of gradually forgetting about your goal as the year goes on, it will always be there to remind you.

3. Tell someone about your goal. Now it’s not important that everyone or your entire team knows about your goal, but just one or two colleagues who may be able to act as cheerleaders for you would be a huge help. With people on your side, you will find yourself more motivated to keep your resolution, and on the days when you are just not sure if you can spare the time, you will have supporters who can remind you of how important communication is.

With these tips, you will be able to keep this important resolution. At NEOS, we have found that communicating the business value is a huge factor to a project’s success. When the value of the project is communicated in terms of how it will affect and improve the business, team members feel more invested in the project, stakeholders are more likely to support the initiative because they can see the direct benefit, and user adoption metrics improve. Good luck with your resolution, we are confident you can keep this one!

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