7 Tips for Selecting a Process Modernization Strategy

process modernization

Everywhere you look, there are articles, webinars, and conferences around business process management (BPM). The influx of information being produced validates the importance of optimizing and modernizing processes but can be overwhelming to those looking to start an initiative. At NEOS, we consolidated seven tips to keep in mind when investigating methods for optimizing your processes.

  1. Choose a process improvement approach that fits your corporate culture. Lean and Six Sigma are not the only tools in the box.
  2. Start with a process architecture before diving into documenting current state or redesigning the future state.
  3. If you are not using current state as a basis for future state, do not document it. Keep the focus on the future.
  4. Benchmark the current state metrics so you can show improvement in the future state. Keep metrics simple.
  5. Documenting current state can derail an improvement project faster than anything else can. How much current state do you need?
  6. There are options in process documentation. It’s not one size fits all. Choose a format and level of detail to fit your need.
  7. Process documentation can be multi-dimensional, tying together compliance, data, and technology. Don’t limit yourself.

If you would like more detail on our 7 process tips ask our process expert.