6 Reasons NEOS Employees are Top of the Industry

One score and 11 years ago…or something close to that, I can remember watching our high school basketball team battling it out for the division championship. They had spent long hours running practice drills, relentlessly conditioning, and practicing on weekends on the public courts. We had been unstoppable all season with many teams not even coming close to touching us on the scoreboard, and this time would be no different. I can remember the euphoria of the win, the huge, chant filled celebrations, the hometown newspaper interviews of the top players who had now risen to movie star status.

Now, I find myself feeling nostalgic for that kind of dedication and “all in” passion that these players had, and I long to see it in the candidates that I interview here for NEOS.

We all want the top players on our team: The ones that set us up for the relay, pass the ball at the perfect time, and rebound the ball when we miss the shot.

We all want to perfect the latest moves: We want to be the one that everyone looks to for direction on what should be done, and how to enter the next quarter of the game.

We want to win the game: We want to be the best in the division, the one everyone strives to beat.

To highlight the competitiveness of the “one score and… however many years ago that I’m not willing to admit to” story from above, NEOS designed the STARRS Model Employee Program. Our highly skilled Recruitment department screens candidates using a unique system of behavioral interview questions that separates the A-team players from the B-team players.


Savvy – Our candidates “get it.” They understand, from their working knowledge and years of industry experience, what’s happening inside our client’s businesses. They’re rooted in what goes on every day within our client’s organizations, so they can feel our client’s pain and speak to how to design and engage a solution.


Tenacious – We’ve all heard the expressions “like white on rice” and “honey on a biscuit”; Well NEOS STARRS employees are “all over it!” They are persistent and determined, and are experts at overcoming adversity and tough situations.


Adaptable – The candidates that we interview must be SME’s (subject matter experts) in two ways. First, by showing that they are truly experts in the niche they have chosen, and second, by being able to clearly discuss the ways in which they have used that expertise to be responsive and versatile in a real world setting.


Resourceful – Hands down please, we’ve got this one! NEOS talent is the most enterprising and effective problem solving team in the industry, bar none. Our talent shows repeatedly, throughout the interview process, that they are not only staying on top of the latest industry trends and technologies, but also have proven, self-customized techniques for navigating difficult decisions.


Relationship-driven – One of the things NEOS is most proud of is that we continually receive “thank you’s” from our client teams. When we interview, each candidate goes through a minimum of three separate interview sessions. These sessions can range from meeting with one person, to meeting with a series of people over a couple of hours. During each and every interview our team is asking questions related to their ability to collaborate, be credible, and to give specific examples of how they’ve accomplished this in a client-facing situation.


Successful at Delivery – Last, but certainly not least, can the candidate really produce the goods – can this person implement practical solutions for our clients? In our interview process we ask the candidate to identify, and clearly explain examples of how he or she has executed effectively on long term, large scale projects while maintaining close customer relationships. The ability to prioritize is key for NEOS to identify in this step.

In order to play with all the top players, have the opportunity to work the tough plays, and be part of the winning team – you’ve got to be STARRS material to be hired here at NEOS. When you do “make the team” it means you’re part of a truly great group of people who have the industry passion, the technical expertise, and the desire to deliver nothing but the best.