3 Key Elements To Ensure Quality Software Delivery – Aug 2013


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The process for implementing a software program is unique to every company and even specific departments within a company. It is essential to know the end user and exactly how the software will be used. Achieve your desired results by incorporating three key elements into your software delivery strategy.

  • Verifiable and measurable requirements:

Well-defined requirements enable the successful delivery of any software development initiative. Focus on the business need driving the software change and the associated requirements rather than a preconceived notion on how something should be done. Requirements should provide enough clarity to create a vision of the desired outcome and to measure results.

  • Detail Design Activities and Blueprints:

A second key element would be the detail design activities and documentation that provides a good blueprint for development. While the requirements phase answers the ‘what,’ this part of the development phase will answer the ‘how.’ The design documentation should illustrate what features and functions can be expected. The result provides the customer a map of how their requirements will be achieved. Taking this key step will prevent gaps between the requirements, detail design and ultimately the solution delivery.

  • Testing and validation:

Finally, testing and validating test cases will ensure that the design activities met the requirements. The use of a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) will assure the business needs are being achieved and verified. Aligning test validation in this fashion provides a solid audit trail that maps requirements to design and shows test results that confirm the success. There is also the added benefit of providing better insight to a developer on where to focus if there is a particular test failure identified.

Software implementations differ by company according to need; however,successful software implementations incorporate a focus on requirements, detail design, and testing and validation. Addressing these three principal elements with diligence will ensure quality software delivery. We believe successful modernization occurs at the intersection of business, process and technology. A solution that does not address all three is incomplete and, ultimately, ineffective.