15 Lessons Learned During 15 Years in Business

NEOS 15 years 15 lessons pen and notepad representation

As NEOS reaches its 15th year in business, we can’t help but look back at our past. The lessons we have learned have shaped us into a management consulting company that is able to deliver valuable solutions to our client’s business challenges. We have compiled the lessons we have learned so you can benefit from our past 15 years.

  1. Invest time in getting to know clients before project kickoff In every project, we include time before kickoff to perform our due diligence. Through the years, we have found in-depth preliminary research has saved valuable engagement resources, leaving more time to focus on the scope of the project.

  2. Be aware of your client’s vendor ecosystemIf you can gain an understanding of other vendors before starting the project, once again, you save time and create an opportunity for collaboration.

  3. Continuously monitor progress and check back to project goals Especially on lengthy projects, the end goal can get lost in the day-to-day efforts. Consistently restating the goal and scope of the project keeps everyone’s eye on the prize and at the top of their minds.Changemanagement key

  4. Change Management is key If a client’s employees are not given the proper education about how a new system will work, the chances are very slim that they will actually use it. At NEOS, we have learned that training and education are key to the future use of the systems we design.

  5. Look past superficial pain points to solve the root of the problem All pain points originate from a deeper source and it is our job to find out what that is, not just address the outcome of the problem.

  6. Rely on your team members and actively draw on the extended team Do not forget the larger team (NEOS) as a whole. Another member may have similar experiences that can provide insight.

  7. Predict clients’ future needs If you see something outside the scope of the project, say something. Our clients appreciate all advice or comments.

  8. Laugh and enjoy your work The team that laughs together stays together. When you enjoy your work it is contagious and the final product benefits all.

  9. Value diversity If everyone thinks the same way there is no room for innovative solutions or a fresh perspective on a challenge.

  10. Inspiration comes from unexpected sources Staying open for inspiration allows for outside sources, such as other industry experiences or day-to-day activities outside of work, to lend help solving business challenges.

  11. You can do more than you think you can We are thrilled to find out through our 15 years that we have accomplished more than we ever thought possible.

  12. You are not limited by your size You don’t have to be a huge firm to deliver amazing results to clients. In fact, small firms or teams allow for more flexibility.

  13. Listen to what your clients aren’t saying Sometimes the lack of information can be an indicator of a problem area or challenge the client is experiencing but does not know how to communicate.

  14. Don’t always give the client what they have asked for Our job is to advise on the best possible solutions for our clients. There may be something they need more or would benefit from that has yet to be suggested.

  15. Be a “real person” No one wants to work with a robot. Okay, they do but not a boring robot. Create relationships and collaborations with clients to solve business challenges.