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Modernization Scorecard Overview

A NEOS Whitepaper

Increasingly, insurers are looking to advance business capability by leveraging technology, whether it is due mergers, acquisitions or consolidation efforts. They need a way to enable a smooth, fluid, efficient modernization effort to contain costs and reap quick benefits. The best place to start with this significant and complex effort is a holistic approach to assessing high level business and system information. A NEOS Modernization Scorecard does just that by considering six critical dimensions of a transformation effort. Not looking at all six makes for potential surprises and issues that can’t be reconciled post-conversion.

In this report, you will learn:

  • The keys to containing costs and generating benefits when rationalizing a modernization effort
  • Why this type of effort should be based on facts, value and metrics and not on speculation or a handful of subjective data
  • How the scorecard approach is applied, organized and deliverables are generated
  • What happens after the scorecard is completed

Download this whitepaper for view a practical, insightful and business-tuned roadmap that will pave the way for your cost-effective modernization effort.

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