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Breathe Life into Your Product Development Lifecycle

Resuscitating a highly problematic product development process 

Every business has to sell something, make money and satisfy its customers. It is a lifecycle that keeps businesses going, or “breathing.” Insurance companies are no different, especially with their core need to develop products. They are under constant pressure to deliver and must have a solid, adoptable process for developing and delivering products in order to “keep breathing” and ultimately stay ahead of their competition.

This paper highlights one company that, with a little help, was able to develop a practicable product development process and supporting governance model. Using the NEOS Process Redesign and Optimization approach, this insurer designed and implemented a new product development lifecycle that addressed its high priority pain points and supported its overall business strategy.

In this report you will learn:

  • The definition of the PRO model and its abilities
  • What a practical product development process includes and its supporting governance model
  • How to conduct a high level assessment and develop a process design strategy
  • What it takes to breathe life back into product development process, quickly and efficiently

Download this whitepaper for insight on essential techniques that will help save your processes.

Breathe life into your product development lifecycle

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